Last Day of the Season is September 30th

Getting to Footbridge Beach

TLDR: On the scale of sassy speed walker (5 mins) to lazy pug (an eternity), the walk from our property will take about 7 mins for most of you.

Sunset at The Footbridge Beach, Ogunquit, Maine.
How close are you, really? 🧐

The Town’s Tea

We are *truly* one of the closest hotels to Footbridge Beach! Want to know a local secret? Sometimes businesses lie about their distance to the beach! 😮  Luckily, at Ocean Acres Ogunquit, we want to be transparent with our guests. Sip on the town’s tea below, you beautifully petty beach-goer.

No offense to our competition, but they’re straight up liars 😂

Motels all the way up in Wells will claim they have a 5 min walk to the beach, but spoiler alert, it’s really 20 mins or more. We don’t want to do that to you, because that’s mean & we’re not.

To keep the beach pristine & the town’s classic look, local laws make it so no new businesses can’t be built near the water anymore. The lucky ones, like us 😊 , got grandfathered into their spot. & as for everyone else… they just lie! 99% of the motels in town are at least a 10 min walk to the beach, even if they have a nice view. Why are we talking smack you ask? Because we can back it up!

The Honest Truth

What we can offer you is: 1) the truth! & 2) actually being walking distance to the beach! + 2 pools + 6 acres of grass + being surrounded by restaurants & bars.

The choice of where to stay is yours

… but if you do your own research, we’re confident you’ll come to the same conclusion as us: that we’re the best bang for your buck! 🤗

The walking distance from our hotel will be based on your level of ability, natural speed, how comfortable you are carrying awkward or heavy beach items, whether you’re wrangling kids or not, & other factors.